Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 2 and 3

(As this is a scheduled post, please ignore the writing phrases, "yesterday" and "today." It was written on the 20th, and posted on the 21st). 

Yesterday, I took off to set up my bank account. That was a fun task. I stopped at one HSBC, and was told I had to wait two weeks. Not the most ideal situation. Eventually, I stopped at the one near the Notting Hill Gate tube station, and was able to make an appointment this Saturday at 2pm. I know my loan check won't be released to me until October 11th, but I would like to be able to switch to a normal phone plan as well as put money into it to use the debit card payments in the stores. Having a US card without a chip is a hassle.

My other errands and adventures of the day included buying a few more things for my apartment-storage container, desk lamp, sticky tack to hang photos, and toiletries. I took the main bus route that I've been using farther down yesterday and found that it stopped at the end of Queensgate. In 2010, I lived on Queensgate, so there were quite  a few sentimental moments as I headed into the neighborhood of South Kensington.  I eventually got off at Hyde Park, and also found myself exploring Covent Garden. Being able to re-expereince two of my favorite parts of London on my second day was great.

And, yesterday, I got lost. I somehow managed to get on the wrong bus, go the wrong direction on the tube, and get on the wrong bus for the second time in the matter of an hour. It was interesting, to say the least. I found a pretty sketchy tube station when I was trying to get back in the correct direction, and was glad when a train came right away. I did eventually make it home- in one piece.

Last night, we had an informal happy hour for first year MPA students. It was great finally meeting some people that I've been talking to on Facebook all summer in person as well as a lot of others embarking on the program. I was able to have Magners and Bulmers, both of which I've been severely missing since 2010. You can usually find Magners at Wegmans, but I hadn't had much luck in the past six months or so. Everyone that I met has an interesting past that makes me so much more excited to get started with the program and get to know everyone more!

Today, I had an interview for an internship. After that, I finally got the last things I needed to finish my flat! It's been a long few days lugging things from Sainsburys. This evening, I was able to meet up with my friend, Nicole, for dinner. She just graduated from Syracuse this past May as well. We actually met when we were both abroad in 2010 and did the Encompass program together. It was great catching up, hearing about her program, and how much we have planned to do over the next year!

Nicole and I celebrating my 21st birthday in March of 2011.

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