Friday, August 31, 2012

Final Preparations!

Tomorrow is the first of September!! 

It's hard to believe that London is less than three weeks away. I remember when I got accepted to my first university for graduate school back in December that the time to depart would never arrive. I even said that at the beginning of summer when I graduated. Yet, time flies, and here, I am, approx. 17 days away!

As a recap for the summer, I worked for my parents, interned remotely for Federal Student Aid, U.S. Department of Education, and took two road trips. When I had other free time, I spent time reading for pleasure, swimming and kayaking, and actually watching television. The television bit is more of a foreign experience to me as I hardly ever have had time to sit and watch a series that wasn't recorded on a DVD.  These last few weeks have been the most relaxing as I finished yet another successful internship, made some money, and completed my preparations.

Besides packing, my preparations are done. I have my visa stamped in my passport, my loans set, housing paid for up through February, and confirmation of my flight. New suitcases, some new clothes, jewelry repair completed, and iPhone 3 (unlocked) in my possession. My bank account will be open in the first week that I'm in London once I show proof of US residence and citizenship. I'll hopefully set up my phone, order my student oyster card, and order student discount cards during my first day.

One of the things that I am thankful for with my housing is that it comes with new sheets, a new bathroom pack, and kitchen utensils. Because of the price covering those items, I'll only be left with buying a few things here and there and not having to lug housewares across Central London.

I'm glad that I was able to have all my preparations completed by the first of September. I'll be able to take my time packing these last few weeks without a fear of forgetting something, not having something bought, etc.

Stay tuned for my packing list and my plans for my first week in London


  1. Same here Katie! I will start my Master program in Social Entrepreneurship at Hult International Business School in London.
    But I have still so many things to do because I'm far less organized than you! :P
    Passport should arrive in a few days, pre-sessional test are almost completed, accomodation is ok, but I have to buy some new clothes, to book my flight/train etc...
    Finger crossed!

    1. Ah! Excited to hear about another person studying abroad in what I consider my favorite city!! Hope your final preparations get done quickly and smoothly!