Friday, August 10, 2012

Approaching the Final Month!

It's hard to believe that it's almost the final month before I move to London!!

I've got lists everywhere.  And, I mean, everywhere.  

Random thoughts pop into my head at certain times. These random thoughts include packing ideas, things I still need to buy, and just general excitement and planning for my new adventure.

One of my biggest concerns as the final month approaches is packing! I've actually created a Pinterest board specifically devoted to the art of packing.  Over the years, I've always struggled with packing too much.  Weekends at the lake to a week-long vacation have always resulted in my concern for needing more than I actually need.

Lists don't help. I seem to stick extra things in no matter what. Space bags, don't help me either.

My overpacking disease, if you may, improved slightly when I did study abroad in London before. Both suitcases before heading across the pond were underweight, and most weekends away, I packed very lightly to leave room for souvenirs. However, at the end of my semester abroad, I had way too much to bring home!

Nevertheless, my goal is to pack for what I need in the first few months that I am in London. I'll be home for Christmas in December, so naturally, I could take back anything that I need to London as well as bring home anything I found myself not actually wearing. It will, of course, be a struggle as to pack for weather that could actually be warm at certain points. I take exams at the end of June, so packing for a spring season in December could become a possibility.

Lists will continue as I begin the packing process! Prepare for any tips that I may figure out during my developing crisis!


  1. thanks for stopping by the blog. that is so excited that you are moving back to Europe! I know that packing was one of the hardest things when I was going to study abroad. I wanted to bring ALL of my shoes.

  2. i have one word for you: LAYERS. Weather in London is notoriously all over the map, especially in the autumn, so layers are the way to go! Also, I'd definitely recommend that if you're not going back home again till Christmas you bring your winter coat when you fly over next month. It's a depressing thought, but I can almost guarantee that you'll need it before December!

    glad to have discovered your blog and looking forward to following along!