Thursday, June 14, 2012

Syracuse University

Tomorrow is June 13th, and one month ago, I will have graduated. Syracuse University prepared me for so much. Syracuse University also changed me. If this time last year, someone told me I'd be going to graduate school in London this fall, I would have never believed them. Yet, deep down, I knew that I wanted to go. Last year, you see, I took the LSAT, yet, I hated the idea of law school. It was just on the list of things to do. For so often, I had been told and it had been ingrained in my mind that in order to eventually get where I wanted to be. Those who don't know, I've always wanted to be in government, preferably working in policy. My dream is to some-day run for office. Yet, as I lived in Washington, DC last summer, I knew I couldn't go to law school. I knew that I finally had to admit something that I had known for quite some time. When I was a freshman at Syracuse, I had requested a booklet for the London School of Economics. I had studied abroad junior year in London, and I knew that somehow my first several years post-Syracuse had to involve London. So, during my first semester as a senior, I re-took the LSAT, applied to law school (got into one), and applied to graduate schools abroad. I was accepted into University College London right before finals.  I never finished the law school applications because I knew that I had an option that would lead me back to London, help me prepare for my future career by gaining an international perspective, and still continue my education. Before Christmas, I had gotten accepted into numerous other schools. When the last semester at Syracuse started, on the first day of classes, I got into my first choice. The London School of Economics. And, now as there are 96 days to go before I leave for London, I will be pursuring Master's of Public Administration (Public and Economic Policy) at LSE. Stay tuned as these posts begin to become more regular, especially with preparing to go! Image

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