Monday, June 25, 2012

Preparing to Go!

Less than 3 Months. 
That's not a lot of time left.

I recently entered to win free tickets for the iTunes Festival. Andrea Bocelli will be playing on the night that I land in London, and I can't think of a better way to kick off my adventures. I also entered to win tickets for One Direction. Stay tuned to see if I win my way into these concerts and possibly more!

I officially have housing! After being rejected from the LSE housing system, I put my name on the wait list, but I was unsure of how I felt not knowing what was really going on. It's a lot different than what Syracuse does.  Having lived in London for a semester, I checked the SU London program website for the landlords and spotted a company called Nido. I had googled student housing and saw them listed as well. After doing several days of research into Nido as well as other student living companies, I decided on Nido.

Nido has three different locations in Central London- Spitalfields, King's Cross, and Notting Hill. Each one, obviously, is in a great location with many attractions nearby.  Each has laundry facilities, 24 hour security, access to tube stations within 10 minutes, and internet. I eventually chose Notting Hill for the location--about 15 minutes from Portobello Road, right next to the canal, and the fact it is in Notting Hill.  

I've reserved a studio which I think will be the best thing for me as I generally need to study by myself. It will be nice after a long day to come home and sprawl out on my bed as well without a roommate. 

And, the last big news that I have is that I will officially be departing on September 17th! I fly out of Syracuse on Jet Blue and then out of JFK on Virgin Atlantic. Registration begins on the 21st with my pre-semester course starting on September 24th.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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