Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Little Over a Month Ago...

It's hard to believe that I became an alumna member of #orangenation more than a month ago already. It was a three day weekend filled with a lot of emotions as those four years had been the best time of my life. I started at Syracuse being a CNY native and always loving orange. I left Syracuse a completely different person than I ever imagined and still loving orange.

I had a lot of experiences at Syracuse that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Some moments were more happy than others, but even the somber moments changed me for the best. 

Homecoming Court. Remembrance Scholar. Taking the LSAT twice. Interning in DC and Boston. Heartbreaks. Chucks. Roadtrips. Attendance Records in the Dome. Elite 8 Game in Boston. Meeting Jim Boeheim. Lawrinson. Mayfest. Pi Phi. Class with Hillary Clinton. 113 Page Honors Thesis. Studying Abroad in London. Flip Night. Pita El Saha. Traveled to over 10 countries. Met numerous politicians. Celebrated Obama's victory on the quad. First SU Snow Day in 18 years. And, many more memories...

At the 158th Commencement on Sunday, May 13th, Aaron Sorkin was the commencement speaker. It was a great speech; one that didn't leave the audience saddened by the thought of death (prior year) or asleep.

A day of tears, happiness, goodbyes, see you laters, & memories...

Ashlie, my first friend at Syracuse

Oriana, drinking best friend. 

Jess, fellow social media guru

Lawrinson 12. 

Erin, Ashlie, and I

Hall of Languages

Jordan- Die-hard Basketball Fan

Tracey, Rising Famous Photographer

After Convocation

Dr. Coplin, my Mentor

The Katies. We've caused enough antics and created enough memories forever

5/6 Lawrinson 12

Mom and Dad- My Everything

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