Sunday, January 19, 2014

Essay Writing & a Recap

The first week of a new term is officially over! 

I'm currently sitting in my flat, smelling my delicious dinner cooking in my crockpot, and writing an essay on crisis management.  So strange that a week ago, I was sitting in Newark airport for hours on end! 

As I've been lacking on updates during this busy week, here's a short recap and a short break for me from essay writing!

Last Saturday, I was supposed to leave for London, so I'd have a day or two to rest up before I had to attend class.  Unfortunately, my first flight of the day last Saturday was canceled causing me to not leave till Sunday. Not a big deal right? Wrong. United rebooked me on the earliest and possibly the only flight out of Ithaca on Sunday at 9am. When I went to reschedule my flight with British Airways, they put me on the 10pm flight as that was the only option available to me. So, yes…you've done the math correctly. I sat in Newark for a very long period of time. 

Anyways, I landed on Monday morning and headed back to my flat. Thankfully, I have no classes on Monday this term, so I slept for a bit before unpacking and running errands. 

The new LSE Student Center is Open!
Tuesday was my first day of classes for the term. I was able to get into the 'Contemporary Issues in Media Policy' course, so I dropped one of my other courses that dealt with cross-cultural management. I had five hours of class on Tuesday, so that was a little draining being jet-lagged and all.  Tuesday afternoon, I donned an orange t-shirt and worked at SU London orientation for a few hours. It's always great to go back to where I spent a semester in undergrad and lend a hand.  I was able to catch up with a few friends I hadn't seen in a bit as well over a few drinks that evening.

SU London Orientation
Wednesday was a very long and tedious day. My capstone group met the entire day as we prepare for our interim report and meeting. Thankfully, though, Simon, Federico, and I grabbed drinks post the meeting. 

Capstone Work
On Thursday, apart from class and capstone meetings, I went to the Public Sphere Launch. The Public Sphere is the journal of the MPA journal. I've been an editor since I started the program last year. Post the launch event, there was a drinks event sponsored my the program. It was great getting to see a lot of friends that I hadn't seen in about a month!

And, to recap the week…Friday, I worked at SU London orientation all day. It was truly memory lane! That evening, the guides all went out for a few drinks!

Martin and Me

Brian and Me
It was a great first week back! Unfortunately, I came down with a cold this weekend, so I've been stuck indoors doing work! But, I did catch SU's win over Pitt last night!

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