Friday, August 10, 2012

Approaching the Final Month!

It's hard to believe that it's almost the final month before I move to London!!

I've got lists everywhere.  And, I mean, everywhere.  

Random thoughts pop into my head at certain times. These random thoughts include packing ideas, things I still need to buy, and just general excitement and planning for my new adventure.

One of my biggest concerns as the final month approaches is packing! I've actually created a Pinterest board specifically devoted to the art of packing.  Over the years, I've always struggled with packing too much.  Weekends at the lake to a week-long vacation have always resulted in my concern for needing more than I actually need.

Lists don't help. I seem to stick extra things in no matter what. Space bags, don't help me either.

My overpacking disease, if you may, improved slightly when I did study abroad in London before. Both suitcases before heading across the pond were underweight, and most weekends away, I packed very lightly to leave room for souvenirs. However, at the end of my semester abroad, I had way too much to bring home!

Nevertheless, my goal is to pack for what I need in the first few months that I am in London. I'll be home for Christmas in December, so naturally, I could take back anything that I need to London as well as bring home anything I found myself not actually wearing. It will, of course, be a struggle as to pack for weather that could actually be warm at certain points. I take exams at the end of June, so packing for a spring season in December could become a possibility.

Lists will continue as I begin the packing process! Prepare for any tips that I may figure out during my developing crisis!