Saturday, July 19, 2014

I graduated!

Yesterday, LSE held a graduation ceremony for the MPA program! 

While I wasn't there to attend in person, I'm now officially an LSE alumna! Earlier this week, we got our grades including the mysterious capstone grade that I'm sure all my friends were waiting for me to stop talking about. For those wondering, we did better than we anticipated. But, the release of the grades confirmed my graduation!

So, while I would have loved to celebrate in-person with my class and have a great night out in London, I'm getting ready to start my job on Monday!

But, don't worry...this was my version of a graduation ceremony!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Road Trip: Day #2

On the second day of the road trip across the USA, Nicola and I started our day taking a slight detour. 

As most of my readers know, I'm a member of Pi Phi. The location of where Pi Phi was founded is in Monmouth, Illinois.  So, rather than continue to drive straight into Iowa, we headed down to Monmouth.

From the moment, we turned onto the street, I felt at "home." I met with Denise, a fellow Pi Phi, for a tour of Holt House. Two of the founders had rented a room in the boarding house at the time of the founding. After a quick tour, Nicola and I drove to the cemetery nearby where I was able to find the graves of five of the founders. 

Holt House
To get to Iowa, we did manage to take some single lane highways for a bit. But, soon, we were crossing the Mississippi River!  We stopped in Burlington, Iowa for a few brief moments to see the flooding that had occurred only the week prior. 

Mississippi River


Downtown Burlington, Iowa 
The real gem of this day was finding the American Gothic House. One of the best things we did throughout the entire road trip was to take the roads that ran parallel to the Interstates. The speed limits are the same, there is less traffic, and we found some true gems.  We were so surprised to see the American Gothic House advertised that we immediately turned around at the next exit to come back!

American Gothic House
If you get a chance to visit, make sure to try on the costumes and put your own take on the famous painting! 

Cruising down the road, we passed a lot of corn and soybeans before we got to Des Moines. We did a quick detour to stretch our legs and see the State Capitol! 

Iowa State Capitol 

Des Moines
Our final stop before reaching Omaha, Nebraska that evening was in Council Bluffs to see the Golden Spike Monument.

Golden Spike Monument
Stay tuned for more recaps! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Road Trip: Day #1

Last Wednesday, I set off from my home in upstate New York to start driving across the country to Las Vegas. For those who haven't caught up, I've relocated to Las Vegas for a job

Instead of flying to Vegas, I decided to get my car in New York and drive out. I also had an amazing co-pilot for four out of the six days which lessened the driving time behind the wheel each day. My good friend, Nicola, joined in.

Wednesday was a day of driving for the most part. I left New York, traveled through Pennsylvania, and into Cleveland where Nicola lives.  From there, we traveled through Indiana and stopped outside Chicago that evening. 

The highlights of the first day included seeing Lake Erie, lots of corn, and getting to see one of my closest sorority sisters from Syracuse!

Life is a Highway...

Lake Erie!

Reunion with Melissa! 

Greetings from Las Vegas!

Greetings from Las Vegas!

I know that is has been over two weeks since I've last updated the blog. 

From packing and getting ready to move to driving across the country, something had to be cut off the to-do list! But, never fear...I'll this back up and running this week!

First up are re-caps of my days driving across the United States!

Stay tuned!!